Monday, 18 January 2010

AgBASE Directory of Zen

Would you like to order quite a wide range of foods online?  For instance, buy california wine online or pretty much any of a wide range of produce - direct from the place that makes it.  Those of you who regularly follow my other blogs TEdALOG Lite II and The Zen Cookbook Blog would already know that I'm all for anything that makes food more accountable and sustainable.

Something about AgBASE makes me happy.  Maybe it's the way they use only one lowercase letter, the same as I do.  But I also think that the site, which amounts to being a huge directory of food and garden greening, may be onto something, when it covers headings such as Biofuel and Biolubricant, Garden Supplies, Kosher Food, Fish and Seafood, Specialty Foods, Organic Vegetables, Berries, and so much more.  The Internet needs more sites like AgBASE.  The nearest thing we have in Australia is Aussieweb, but it just opens its doors to any commercial entity rather than focusing on greener and more sustainable businesses.

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