Additives And Other Chemicals

Additives, The Modern Chemical Warfare.

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There's a little ebook on the Body Friendly Zen CookBook web page. It's a table which I was allowed to use from another site, and which I've since added many more sections and chemicals to. All of these chemicals are used to process various foods, and the majority of them are either banned in some countries due to health concerns, or else implicated in a huge range of illnesses, diseases, and conditions, Sadly, the list keeps growing.

As I mentioned in the "How It Started" section, these actions by food manufacturers are at the very least a criminal disregard for the health of customers, and I tend more to think of them as acts of war, attacks on our health, our bodies, and even on our society. (Some of the additives have neurological effects, and most have not been properly tested in quantities greater than the recommended daily limits (RDLs) nor in combination with other additives that the average person might encounter in the course of an average day of an average week of their lives.

Before you or any other reader goes and makes the assumption that I can't prove any of this scientifically, let me tell you that the manufacturers themselves admit to most of these things. Individual companies have released studies showing that these additives are harmful, that the quantities of fats and sugars that they use to hook their customers (whom they, tellingly enough, refer to as "users") are causing an epidemic of obesity, modern diseases, ill health, and death. 

I don't need to produce another study showing these effects because the perpetrators themselves have admitted them. One manufacturer will release a study that shows that th efood dye they use is carcinogenic, but safe in the quantities that they, paragons of virtue that they are, use them in their foods.

Then a few months later they admit that this study referred to a single serving of the particular food, and it is sold in six serving packages, and that they know full well from their market research that their average "user" will consume all six servings at one sitting. And probably be exposed to similar amounts of dye with other manufacturers' products in the same day.

This is not the action of someone committed to your health. Many of these additives are unhealthy or downright toxic, and my health guideline is to simply advise you to avoid them. Go to the ebook website and grab a copy of the Additives booklet, so that at least you'll be aware of the types of thing to avoid.


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