Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Using Lumina Ice-cream Maker

NAME: _Using Lumina Ice-cream Maker

(Using "homely measures, i.e. I read a few recipes and guessed what I'd need. It worked...)
about a cup and a bit of blended loquat fruit
three tbsp raw sugar
about quarter of a cup of water
about quarter of a cup of sweet white wine
about a tsp and a bit of lemon juice

Cut the flower and stalk bits off the washed loquat fruits, took out the seeds and membrane, got enough to make a bit over a cup of blended fruit.

Mixed raw sugar up in hot water until dissolved (this goes way easy if you have a small cocktail or turbo shaker thingie) and added lemon juice and white wine.

It made just short of two cups of mixture,

Added that to the blender, whizzed it to a slightly frothy creamy sort of texture, and then started up the ice-cream machine and poured it in, let it run for 20 minutes and that's really all there was to it.

Are you kidding? It's cooling and delicious, I did exercise some self-control and saved a small tub for our dessert after dinner, apparently (ha!) you can keep this kind of stuff in the freezer for a few months, good luck if it lasts that long... %)

Ice cream maker needs the inner bowl part to be placed in the freezer, ours was in the feeezer for about a week before I got around to trying it out. But apparently 6 - 12 hours is a minimum, and I'm just going to leave ours in the freezer between batches, it isn't costing anything to keep it there, in fact it probably helps even out the temperatures.

After 15 minutes my mixture was probably ready already - instead of sticking to the sides, it slid around with the paddle as it's supposed to, and I let it go a bit longer because I wanted to see if it made a difference - it didn't.

(I saw one really rude review of the machine by someone who used "granny's old recipe" for ice-cream and it got stuck to the inner bowl, but I reckon they might have started with too thick and creamy a mixture. They said the ice cream got stuck, and from what I've just seen of our machine, that can only happen if you use too thick a mix or if you've scrubbed the inner bowl with something scratchy rather than a soft cloth like they recommend. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary.) )

At the end of the exercise, the inner bowl was still cold enough to stick my fingers to it when I cleaned it, and turned the wet cloth to sludge. Keep the cloth wet when cleaning and eventually you'll have a clean bowl to put back in the freezer, and since it's still frozen, you save the energy needed to refreeze it. Okay, you could let it thaw to clean it but that does waste around two kilowatts of energy to refreeze. Your choice. I also put a few fluffy tea towels around the machine because that keeps the room temperature out and hopefully it saved a few more cents of energy.

(I saw another bad review written in very bad English complaining that the ingredients stayed liquid and the person then threw their machine away, seems that the most probable way for that to happen would have been if they didn't read the instructions and put the inner bowl in the freezer. Maybe they expected it to go cold all by itself and thus wasted their twenty-five bucks or whatever these machines cost new. Sucks if you don't RTFM hey? )

So - don't expect miracles from such a basic and tiny machine, but it performed extremely well and is going to become a Thing this summer to make sorbets and ice-creams and things.

PS: I Do NOT get anything for endorsing a product, I just happened to have had the luck to find this machine in an opp shop. This post confers no endorsement and is not associated with ALDI or Lumina.



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