Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Third World Goat

An interesting price comparison:  Dave says goat at his local Price Choppers in the USA, cost $2.79 per lb.  Applying currency conversion rates as of about now, and converting that to kilos, that means I should expect to pay about $6.77/kg for goat meat here in Australia.  Since even poor cuts of beef cost about $6/kg at my local fruit veg and butcher co-op (and they are at the low end for prices believe me!) that would make goat a really good alternative meat for me.  Only problem is that the last time I looked at goat meat in a butcher's store, it was nearer $16/kg.  And I can't imagine that prices have dropped since then.

Oh - and the real kicker?  Regarding that super economical goat meat that Mr Dave can get at about one thrid the cost I can get goat meat here?  It comes from here in the first place!

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