Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Find Restaurant Deliveries In Your Area

I don't normally.  No, really - I don't.  It's very rare that I plug a service on my blogs.  And it's even more rare for me to do it for free and gratis.  But in this case, I had to.  I've often wished I had the smarts to set up a variety of online services, and this was one of them.  I'm extremely pleased to see that not only has someone had the same idea and implemented it, but they've done so extremely well from what I've seen.

Menulog finds restaurants in your postcode that deliver, lets you order online and then pay on delivery.  It's brilliant.  If I say so myself.  And they are offering $10 off the first order to TEdAMENU Tuckertime readers!  Discount code and details are down the bottom, and I wish you a very enjoyable dinner out, (brought in,) in the future.

"Aha!" say you, "he does get something out of it!  A $10 discount voucher for himself!  Not free and gratis after all!  Foul!  Foul!"

But in actual fact, in my area code, 6244... - well, you check it out.  I'm 100km from the nearest larger population center...  However, I know quite a few of you are in cities and large towns, and you'll have no trouble finding some fine quality tucker out there.  Bon Appetit, folks!

Order home delivery online, get instant confirmation.
1000 restaurants around Australia, 2000 specials, no markup.
Get $10 off your first order with this code at checkout: 25E47D
Details: Available for a customer’s first order only, at participating
restaurants only (which display the “accepts vouchers”) sign,
expires March 31, 2011, min order $20.

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