Friday, 5 August 2022

Mushroom Season

NAME: _Mushroom Season
500g fresh local mushrooms (about 700g if you remove stems, see Notes)
50g salted butter
1 tsp yeast flakes
1/2 tsp Vegemite
2 tsp AP flour
1/2cup - 1 cup water
salt and ground black pepper to season

Slice the mushrooms (with or without stems) and fry medium hot in butter until they start to smell mushroomy then reduce the heat. (Sorry, I don't know a better way to describe this. Cooking fast initially starts browning the mushroom and gives some nice flavour, and you can smell it.)

Keep the mushrooms stirrring for about five minutes then add the flour and stir it into the mushrooms, add water, reduce heat further, add yeast flakes and vegemite, taste and season if needed. 
As a side dish to many meals, or on toast, just get those mushrooms into your belly! Yumm!
Some people find the stems of field mushrooms a bit woody, and yes, if they've lived part of their life in a plastic tray in a chiller room or left to grow too long then they may well be. I often cut half the stems back before slicing, and sometimes, with the store bought white and Swiss mushrooms, the whole stem has to come off. (But don't throw them away! Give them a quick wash/brushoff and freeze them in a ziplock bag to use in a future stock! Don't waste such a flavour resource.)


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