Sunday, 7 October 2012

Two Dry Marinades

NAME: _Two Dry Marinades

Red Marinade
1 tbsp each of the following
nustard seed
dried onion flakes
paprika powder
2 tbsp each of
granulated garlic
raw sugar

Yellow Marinade
1 tbsp each of the following
granulated garlic
smoked paprika powder
turmeric powder
2 tbsp each of
raw sugar
coriander seed

In each case, put the ingredients in a spice blender or processor and blitz until reduced to powder, then apply liberally to meat and leave to marinate for at least an hour in a cool place or the refrigerator.

not applicable

I recently had a kilo apiece of pork ribs and chicken wing pieces, wanted to just do them up for slow oven baking and frying respectively. I decided to marinate and cook them both, and that way I'd have the meat for two different meals. I used the red for the pork and the yellow for the chicken.

These dry marinades work same as charcuterie marinades, the salt and sugar carry the spices into the meat at a pretty much a known rate, so the longer you leave it (within reason) the deeper the flavour will be. The sugar also helps form a caramel on the meat, hence using it for roasted and fried meat gives a lovely dark colour. Also, the salt and sugar helps break down the meat proteins so the resulting meal is tender, and slow cooking well marinated meat provides the most tender meal. the roasted ribs are to die for.


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