Friday, 2 March 2012

Caramelised Brussels

NAME: _Caramelised Brussels

12 brussels sprouts
100g butter
1 tbsp onion
1 tsp garlic
heavy bottomed small saucepan that will the at least half filled by the brussels

Begin by melting the butter in the saucepan, over low heat on a small burner. Finely chop half a brown onion and keep a tablespoonful. Roughly chop one clove of garlic and keep a teaspoonful. Trim stalks and hard/weathered leaves off the brussels, cut into quarters. Rinse under running water and drain but don't dry off.

Put the onion and garlic in the saucepan and keep warming until onion is beginning to go transparent, add the quartered brussels and increase the heat until moisture has boiled off, then reduce the heat to around 100C.

Brussels are done when they are all beginning to brown, and are soft to pierce with a wooden skewer.

Serve as a side dish.

The idea of this and the Honey Caramelised Carrots recipe are to use almost confit style cooking, but whereas confit requires the cooked food to be immersed in a fat, this is a compromise between shallow frying and confit.


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