Friday, 2 March 2012

Honey Caramelised Carrots

NAME: _Honey Caramelised Carrots

2 carrots
1 tbsp honey
1/2 tsp salt
100g butter
heavy bottomed small saucepan that will the at least half filled by the carrots

Begin to heat the butter in the small saucepan on low heat on a small burner. Peel the carrots or brush well, slice into 3mm thick rounds. Wash under running water and drain but do not dry off. Place in the pot with the butter, drizzle honey over, sprinkle with salt. Increase heat temporarily until moisture has boiled off, stirring gently several times.

Reduce heat to the slow simmer, and check from time to time, stirring if necessary. Carrots are done once a few caramelised spots develop, or you can keep going until the slices are quite reduced. The important thing is to keep a low level of heat that's just around the boiling point of water so that the carrot slowly cooks and the sugars caramelise without burning.

Serve as a side dish to many meals, where the sweet caramel taste would be suitable. I serve it with things as diverse as bangers and mash, roast and veges, and when cooked a bit longer to almost crisp point, as a garnish floated on top of chicken and noodle soup.

The idea of this and the Caramelised Brussels recipe are to use almost confit style cooking, but whereas confit requires the cooked food to be immersed in a fat, this is a compromise between shallow frying and confit. 


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